Praaná offers a crisp bistro-like menu with all things named and prepared quite like at a fine dining North Indian speciality restaurant located in Delhi. After having discovered the culinary excellence that Praaná stands for, you may never have to bear the disappointment of consuming inconsistent, inauthentic, and carelessly prepared North Indian food in Goa. What makes Praaná stand tall in authenticity and quality scale are our top-grade ingredients with most of our condiments and spices sourced directly from Delhi. With all offerings prepared soulfully by a speciality chef from Delhi, you can be sure that every flavor you experience here is as authentic as it gets. However, you’ll only be able to discern our culinary proficiency after having sampled our Butter Chicken, Dal Makhani, Mutton Burra Kebab, Chicken Tikka Lehsuni, Paneer Butter Masala and an array of aromatic Tandoori breads. Aren’t there times when fish curry rice doesn’t really cut it and your palate demands a gustatory voyage to the culinary marvels of the north? Well, if you are or have been on that boat, Praaná just might be the place for you. A casual dining restaurant at Arotel, Praaná specializes in tantalizing treats from Delhi and regions that surround it. However European the place might seem with its uber contemporary interiors embellished in a subtle tint of green, the ethnic aromas that you’ll devour here as you walk through the door will grip your consciousness. While the food, regardless of how much we tom-tom about it, speaks for itself.



Recommended for

↘ Gorging on to mouth-watering Mughlai Kebabs
↘ Small gatherings with live acoustic music on weekends
↘ Casual dates with some stunning and rich Delhi delights

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